Toronto - Toronto Crime Stoppers and the TPS Community Mobilization Unit invite the media to come to the Rogers Centre, outside of Gate 11, on Thursday, July 12, 2007, between 4 p.m., and 7 p.m.

Youth from 7th Generation Image Makers will be painting one of the ramps that will make its way to the BMX Bike Park, a youth engagement project, by The Argos Foundation, at the Bremner Street Festival for Grey Cup 2007.

Toronto Crime Stoppers is proud to be working with the Native youth artists from 7th

Generation Image Makers tonight, as part of the partnership with the Argos Foundation, the City of Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation and local BMX enthusiast Michael Heaton.

Youth from the Youth in Policing program will be at the event, assisting the artists and promoting the positive work of our community partners. A total of 100 youth associated to the positive community work with the 7th Generation Image Makers have also been provided tickets for tonight’s Argos game courtesy of Toronto Crime Stoppers, the Ontario Gang Investigators Association, and the Argos Foundation.

Toronto Crime Stoppers would like to thank our paint donor – Communities Advancing Valued Environments/ICI Paints ( and JP Towing for their donation of transportation of the ramp to the Rogers Centre, from the summer home of the BMX Bike Park at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre.

The progress of the BMX Bike Park youth engagement project is being followed with video clips posted on

For more information contact Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Crime Stoppers at 416−434−3002