Toronto - The City of Toronto is increasing the number of cameras on Toronto roads over the next two years aimed at catching drivers who do not stop at red lights.

The City will rotate 98 cameras among 169 sites. Currently, the City has 30 cameras that are rotated among 53 sites.

“At intersections where cameras are present, they have proven to be very effective at reducing deaths and serious injuries,” said Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of the City’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. “That’s why we want more in place. We want to save even more lives.”

Toronto’s collision statistics clearly indicate that the cameras are working. Angle type collisions, those indicative of red light running, have been reduced by more than 60 per cent at intersections where cameras are in operation.

The City is also forwarding a request to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to consider increases in fines and penalties for running a red light: currently, the fine is $180.