Thursday, April 24, 2008 - 11:27 AM
Traffic Services

Toronto - The construction season is no stranger to people commuting into, and out of, Toronto. This time of year can breed frustration and impatience from some road-users.

With 5,300 kilometres of road in the city, at one point or another, repairs are inevitable.

Road users should:
- anticipate delays. Leave 10-15 minutes earlier to reduce the stress of being late,
- slow down prior to approaching a construction zone. Anticipate work personnel walking from between parked vehicles and onto the roadway,
- do not be distracted by the construction or devices in your vehicle. This includes cellphone use (including hands-free), GPS, etc. Pay attention to your driving.
- keep windows up to avoid audible distractions,
- after passing the construction zone, increase your speed smartly,
- maintain your cool. This will reduce stress and facilitate getting to your destination in good spirits.

Common sense will influence safe driving habits through construction zones. For further information on road improvements, click here