Brampton - In her skirt and heels, Vanessa Lee, the new service manager, dominates Mazda of Brampton in Brampton's Auto Mall, with big successes and future aspirations for the dealership.

According to Lee, the company has been on top of every monthly target they've had, from customer service points to sales in the last six months.

"I'm a fighter and I'm a winner and I have to be the best at everything that I do. It's all down to customer service. If you give good customer service, people will come back to you and that's the bottom line."

According to Drew Delaware, Director of Communications for the Brampton Auto Mall, Lee has done a "makeover" on Mazda in her year and a half legacy so far. She hired an attendant to work the drive though she said was never used before she arrived, installed a coffee making station that prepares customers coffee when they need it and a T.V and lounge area with newspapers and magazines, where customers can relax while their car is being serviced.

In the near future, Lee said she hopes to bring in two office working stations for clients who wish to continue their work while waiting. They will include: desks, chairs, phone accesses and computer hook ups. She also intends to put in a child's play area, equipped with video games and an arts and crafts station.

"So everybody of all ages that comes here has something to occupy their time and is not sitting around bored and impatient. Basically, anything they want to keep them happy," said Lee.

She mentioned that Mazda is also involved with the community in sponsoring local sporting teams from soccer to hockey and a sport for the physically challenged.

"We are presently sponsoring the Spitfire wheelchair basketball team, which we are proud to be a part of."

Lee wasn't always interested in the auto industry; in fact, she was a hairdresser and a nurse in England first, before she came to Canada. When she arrived, Lee learned her nursing and hair dressing qualifications weren't valid in this country and couldn't afford to go back to school, so she looked for a job.

After putting out resumes in various fields, Lee got a call back and started as a warranty clerk at Jaguar Canada. Twenty years of moving up in the field landed her the Manager position at Mazda.

Lee said she never thought she'd go any further then a service advisor, one reason being that she was a woman and the other, because she didn't have as much technical knowledge as she thought she needed, but learned over the years.

"I never thought for one minute that this would happen and when it did, I was a little nervous, but I was impressed at the same time."

The biggest challenges Lee said she wants to accomplish in the future, is to get Mazda to be one of the top dealers in Ontario and in two or three years, number one in Canada.

Vanessa Lee, Service Manager, Mazda of Brampton

Written by Natasha Fall for The Brampton News
Photo Credit: Natasha Fall
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