Toronto - Toronto Public Health has reported six cases of measles in the Toronto area within the past month. Several of these cases had also visited the Science Centre.

The Ontario Science Centre has been working closely with Toronto Public Health to monitor the risks of exposure to measles for visitors and employees.

“This situation could happen in any location where people congregate,” said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Director of Communicable Disease Control with Toronto Public Health. “This infection is spread from person to person, and is not related to the location.”

The risk of getting measles is low. Most people are immune to measles because of Canada's high immunization rates, and as a result of generally high immunity among the population.

Adults born in 1970 or earlier are considered naturally immune. According to Toronto Public Health, most people who get measles recover completely within ten days.

Anyone who has concerns can call Toronto Public Health directly at 416-338-7600.

We are receiving regular updates and will advise you of any further developments in the situation. For a Fact Sheet on measles, visit