Toronto - Hopefully we have seen our last blast of winter snow. It’s time to tune our cars and minds to spring driving.

There will be lots of water on our roadways due to the thawing mountains of snow. The melting snow, mixed with oil on our roads, can become very slippery. Motorists are reminded to slow down in wet weather.

It is extremely important that road-users ensure their tires are in good repair and have adequate tread depth to displace water. An under-inflated tire increases rolling resistance and can be a recipe for disaster. An over-inflated tire reduces the contact patch on the road, which means less grip. Remember, the tire contact patch on the roadway is about the size of your palm.

Keep your eyes up and be aware of large potholes. These can play havoc with a vehicle's suspension. Ensure you get your suspension checked.

Avoid driving through large puddles. This will reduce the risk of engine water damage, and lubrication problems which can lead to expensive repairs.

Your windshield wipers may have been damaged due to freezing. If they are cracked, they should be replaced.

Check all fluid levels and ensure they are topped-up.

Being seen is a major safety concern for motorists and pedestrians. Drive with your full headlights on and make eye contact with pedestrians whenever possible.

Avoid distractions like GPS, cellular phones, maps, while driving

Always wear your seatbelt, and ensure all children or infants are properly restrained in a car of booster seat.

It is everyone’s responsibility to share the roadway and ensure a safe commute during the April showers.