Toronto - With the large amounts of snow, limited storage space and a weather forecast calling for consistently cold weather in the next few weeks, the City of Toronto will increase snow removal activities on city roads and sidewalks.

Snow will be removed from areas, including some local roads with on-street parking, curb lanes on major arterial roads, and other priority locations where sight lines are obstructed causing safety concerns.

Since February 7 the City has performed some snow removal (which involves taking the snow away, different from snow ploughing) on expressways, major roads, bike lanes, dead end streets and commercial areas.

“We are moving into this phase of snow removal due to the record snowfall conditions at this time, and the fact that there is very little space to put the snow,” said Gary Welsh, General Manager, Transportation Services. “Our goal is to improve safety for all road and sidewalk users. The new snow removal efforts will continue until our priorities have been addressed or a significant warming trend in the weather is expected to occur.”