Dalton McGuinty diverts a third of the gas tax away from roads, transit

Toronto, July 9 /CNW/ - Progressive Conservative Party Leader John Tory today said a PC Government will reduce gridlock by investing every penny of the gas tax into improving roads and transit in Ontario.

"There's only one thing more frustrating than paying skyrocketing gas prices - knowing the gas taxes you pay aren't going to roads and transit.They're going to fuel Dalton McGuinty's wasteful spending," said Tory."Ontarians are paying more at the pumps and they're long overdue for some peace of mind. More importantly, they are long overdue for some real leadership from government and they have not seen this from Dalton McGuinty."

Tory pumped gas today at a busy station in downtown Toronto. He said a PC Government will increase transportation and transit spending so that 100 per cent of gas and fuel taxes paid by motorists are spent where they're intended. This would mean an additional $1 billion spent on transportation and transit building, repair, maintenance and improvement within five years. In the current fiscal year, Dalton McGuinty is only planning to spend $1.97 billion on transit and transportation yet the government is expected to bring in $3.14 billion from gas and fuel taxes. Meanwhile, for every dollarmotorists spend at the pumps, 14.7 cents goes to the provincial government.

"Ontarians deserve truth in taxes not their gas taxes going into a logo change, misleading advertising campaigns or some general revenue account where Dalton McGuinty wastes it on year-end spending sprees," said Tory.

The PC Party 'Leadership Matters' plan includes a comprehensive transportation plan for Ontario that will:

-Improve transit infrastructure and invest in Ontario roads;
-Reduce gridlock and minimize greenhouse gas emissions caused by gridlock;
-Expand GO Transit's network to reach unserved and underserved communities and implement a service standard at GO Transit to ensure better accountability and on-time performance;
-Plan, build and finance rapid transit systems in the GTA and across the province and build roads and transit we need in Ontario; and
-Invest in Northern roads and bridges, the lifelines for people and businesses.

Tory added, "People are frustrated. They want a Premier who will provide real leadership. A John Tory PC Government will provide Ontarians with real truth in taxes. For better roads, highways and transit, leadership matters."