Toronto - On Thursday December 20th, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) received information that a convicted sex offender had entered Canada illegally and was residing in the Toronto area. The Toronto based Immigration Task Force was immediately alerted, and within two hours had located, identified, and arrested the suspect.

Gjunejet ASAN, aged 28, of Midland Avenue Toronto, was arrested and is facing charges under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of misrepresentation and failure to disclose his criminal record.

It is alleged that ASAN attempted to lure a 14 year old girl over the Internet while in the US State of New Jersey. The “girl” was in fact an undercover US police officer. ASAN was arrested, charged, and convicted of this offence. He was then deported from the US to his native Macedonia.

ASAN will be held in custody pending an Immigration Hearing.

“This was very quick work, on the part of CBSA and our Immigration Task Force members, in locating this person.” stated RCMP Inspector Glenn Hanna “It is this type of inter-agency cooperation and good investigative work that helps ensure public safety.”

The Immigration Task Force is composed of members from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Border Service Agency and Provincial ROPE members from the Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police Service.

For further information, contact:
Sgt. Tony GOLLOB
Office: (905) 676-2805 Ext. 222
Cell: (416) 896-5290