Toronto - As part of its Keep Toronto Reading festival of books and culture, Toronto Public Library is proud to announce Consolation, by Michael Redhill, as the selection for Toronto's first annual Keep Toronto Reading One Book program. From now through February, the library is encouraging everyone to read the same book and then join discussions and events throughout the city exploring the book's themes, issues and sometimes controversial ideas.

"Toronto's first ever One Book city-wide reading program will be an act of community building and an affirmation of the joy and value of reading books in the private and public lives of our residents," commented Chief Librarian Josephine Bryant. "With One Book, we hope to engage the city in dialogue, with the goal of fostering a sense of community through literature."

"I'm thrilled to support One Book," said Mayor David Miller. "The selection of Consolation as our first title not only celebrates our city, but also showcases the work of one of Toronto's most talented authors. I look forward to us all coming together to discuss the ideas raised by the book and to examine how these ideas connect with our lives and our city's legacy."

Winner of the 2007 Toronto Book Award, Consolation is the haunting story of a Toronto family's quest to understand the city's vanished past and changing present. It digs beneath the surface of the city and its inhabitants to raise compelling questions about progress, loss and the nature of history.

In support of the program, Toronto Public Library is releasing 2,000 additional copies of Consolation into its 99 branches today. More than 800 of these will be made available as non-reservable, short-term loans, so that as many people as possible will have ready access.

Michael Redhill, the book's author, was delighted to have Consolation chosen as the Toronto Public Library's inaugural One Book. "I consider the novel a love letter to Toronto and it thrills me to have it requited," he said. Redhill will launch a month of One Book programming at a kickoff event on Monday, February 4th at the Toronto Reference Library – just one of several events he will host.

February will be a month of programming in library branches, online, on air, in print, and throughout the city:

  • Listen to CBC Radio (99.1 FM) weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m., as Matt Galloway and Here and Now explore the issues central to the book.

  • Join in readings and discussion groups at book clubs across the city. Come chat with Michael Redhill at the North York Central Library's book club event.

  • Relive an authentic 19th century dining experience with Redhill at Gibson House, just one of the City of Toronto's Historic Museums' One Book programs.

  • Download a walking tour podcast and explore for yourself the hidden city central to the Consolation story.

  • Watch for special One Book displays and events in bookstores across the city, as Canadian Booksellers Association celebrates Consolation.

  • Read the Toronto Star and visit for stories and photos about One Book.

Event dates, times and locations will be announced and updated on the library's Keep Toronto Reading website, at