Toronto - Toronto City Council approved the conceptual framework for the recommended approach to revitalize Union Station. City staff will now begin further consultations, negotiations and feasibility studies to ensure the approach is structurally feasible and economically viable before reporting back to Council in September 2008 for authority to begin construction of new retail space.

The plan will see the City of Toronto retaining ownership of Union Station, excavating below the station to create a new retail space - which will be leased out to a private sector partner - and dedicating a level to GO Transit and VIA Rail customers. City Council also approved an implementation plan for the recommended approach.

By approving the reports today, Council has given staff the approval to:

  • fully research the recommended approach to ensure it is viable
  • work with partners so they agree to the details
  • work with the federal government to release the $25 million in funding
  • begin searching for a head lessee to oversee the new retail level.
Staff will report back in September 2008 to the Government Management Committee on a recommended construction plan. Staff will also report in September 2008 to the Executive Committee on the outcome of the negotiations with GO Transit and VIA Rail, the head lessee selection process, and the funding and governance negotiations with the other orders of government.

Visit for full details on the revitalization plan.