Toronto - The Toronto Police Service Fraud Squad will be hosting the International Fraud Investigators Conference at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, from Monday, December 10 to Friday, December 14, 2007.

The oldest specialized Squad in the Toronto Police Service, the Fraud Squad has held an annual educational conference for the past 17 years. The conference is an example of the Toronto Police Service’s commitment to providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional development for its personnel and partners. The International Fraud Investigators Conference will welcome investigative professionals from across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The conference Conference will feature some of the world’s leading experts in the area of financial crime and related issues. Topics will include: Next Generation Identity Theft, Cyber Crime, Largest Counterfeiting Operation, Money Laundering-Transnational Crime, Passport -Visa Fraud, Lottery Fraud, Pension Fraud, High Tech Fraud, and Home Renovation Scams.

The keynote speaker will be Mr. Eric Sussman, Prosecuting Assistant Attorney General, USDOJ (Chicago), “Fraud and the Fall” Conrad Black and the Collapse of the Media Empire.

Other presenters will include:

- Mr. Peter Drennan,
National Manager Economic Crime, Australian Federal Police,

- Honourable Justice John Gomery,
Sponsorship Inquiry,

- Mr. Timothy Longanacre,
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Services U.S. Dep. of State,

-Det./ Superintendent David Eyles,
Scotland Yard,

- Mr. Mike Holmes,
The Holmes Group,

- Professor Jeffery Rosenthal,
University of Toronto,

- Helen Hughes,
Crown Prosecution Service, United Kingdom,

- Professor Kevin Fu,
University of Massachusetts,

- Mr. Mark Grantz,
United States Secret Service,

- Mark Ridley,
Naval Criminal Investigative Services

- Judd Rosseau,
C.O.O. Identity Theft 911 (Scottsdale USA).

For further information, please contact Detective Sergeant Gary Logan at 416-808-7304.