Toronto - Toronto Mayor David Miller today asked the City Clerk to develop a new policy for council expenses.

"While councillors are ultimately responsible for the expenses they submit and the vast majority use their budgets appropriately, there is clearly some room for improvement," said Mayor Miller. "The Clerk has advised me she is having difficulty enforcing the intent of the five existing policies and I've asked for a report on how we can correct that by having one clear policy.

"It is appropriate for councillors to have office budgets in order for them to do their jobs and to communicate with their constituents. However, no two wards are alike. They have different needs and challenges, but there needs to be one simple policy to guide everyone.

"We also need to ensure that our policy is fair so I've also asked the Clerk to report on the comparable policies of other large governments such as the Province of Ontario."

When ready, the Clerk's report will be presented through Executive Committee to City Council.