Toronto - Mayor David Miller has proclaimed November 16 as Louis Riel Day in the City of Toronto to acknowledge that the Métis People are recognized in the Constitution Act 1982, as one of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples with a homeland across Canada. Louis Riel Day is commemorated each year in Toronto with a flag-raising ceremony at City Hall and various community events.

Louis Riel was an advocate of justice for the Métis people, and is recognized as the leader of the North-West rebellion, and a pioneer in the campaign for the rights of the Métis in western Canada. He helped lay the framework for minority rights and cultural co-operation, and is regarded as a founder of Manitoba.


Date: Friday, November 16
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Members’ Lounge and Podium Roof, City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.

“It is very important to remember Louis Riel’s contribution to Canada and specifically that he was executed for being a persistent advocate for the rights of the Métis people,” said Councillor Paula Fletcher, Chair of the City’s Aboriginal Affairs Committee.

In addition, the Métis Artist’s Collective, established in 2003, will honour Louis Riel Day with the performance of Amy White’s “Keweyani” (which means “home”) based on Riel’s wife Margureite Belhumeur. A Métis kitchen party will follow the performance.

“Keweyani” - a one person performance

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Rotunda, City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.