Toronto - The Toronto Police Service, in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police, will be holding an ATV Safety Information Session on Friday, November 2, 2007, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., in Centennial Park in Toronto. The location inside the park is at the base of the ski hill along a gravel roadway near the chalet.

Officers and ATV Safety Instructors from both the Toronto Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police will be on hand to discuss issues surrounding the safe operation of ATVs and the applicable multi-level legislation.

There will be an opportunity for members of the media to take an ATV for a ride under the direction of an officer.

It is worth noting that Canada is the second-largest market for ATV sales and the largest per capita market for ATVs in the world. More than 89,000 ATVs were sold in Canada in 2006 – 18,300 of those in Ontario alone. In the last three years, more than 262,000 ATVs have been sold in Canada.

Instances of serious injuries and fatal collisions have increased dramatically in Ontario in the past year. A Coroner's Inquest in 2005 made six recommendations for consideration, one being greater public education. Although the numbers within Toronto are not reflective of the statistics province-wide, residents of the city spend a great deal of their time at holiday locations where they operate ATVs on a regular basis. This is an opportunity to assist the law enforcement community to deliver a clear and concise message focused directly on the safe operation of an All Terrain Vehicle.