Toronto - On Wednesday, October 31, 2007, the Toronto Police Service will launch a CCTV pilot project. The project, which will run for six months, will be in 51 Division.

The pilot project follows an extended period of preparation and crime analysis, and research into the way in which CCTV cameras have been used to protect public safety in other Canadian jurisdictions, as well as in the United States and England.

The TPS conducted a public meeting on CCTV cameras in 51 Division on October 11, 2007.
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Deputy Chief Kim Derry said, “Our TAVIS (Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy) program has been highly effective over the past 18 months, reducing violent crime and enhancing public safety, using sharply increased numbers of patrolling police officers to arrest criminals and provide reassurance to law-abiding citizens. CCTV cameras are the next step in what will be an evolving, long-term process. They are not substitutes for police officers; they are designed to supplement officers’ efforts.

“There’s nothing secret about the cameras. There are large signs advertising their presence. The cameras have two purposes: deter those who may be considering committing crime and provide evidence to identify, arrest and charge those who choose to commit crime.

"The value of CCTV cameras has been demonstrated countless times in this city, leading to arrests in homicides, sexual assaults and armed robberies and resulting in the rescue of abducted children.

"We are mindful there are privacy concerns with respect to CCTV cameras. Those concerns are important to us and we have worked, and will continue to work, very closely with government agencies and community groups to ensure that, as we continue to use CCTV to protect public safety, our policies reflect those concerns."

The cameras will be located at:

Dundas Street East & Sherbourne Street (two),
Pembroke Street & Dundas Street East,
George Street & Dundas Street East,
George Street & Gerrard Street East,
Sherbourne Street & Shuter Street,
Sherbourne Street & Queen Street East.

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