Toronto - The City of Toronto is calling on the public to comment on how the City should regulate retail stores opening on statutory holidays.

With the proclamation of the City of Toronto Act in January 2007, the Retail Business Holidays Act, a provincial law pertaining to holiday shopping, no longer applied to Toronto retailers. In the interim, City Council adopted the status quo until new recommendations are presented to Council in 2008.

“In developing new rules for holiday shopping, we are anxious to hear from and incorporate the views of the public,” said Duncan Ross, Executive Director of Tourism. “We look forward to hearing from everyone with an interest in holiday shopping regarding the options we’ve developed.”

A review of previous legislation and a review of the definition of tourism areas also went into the development of the options.

Background information and details about the three options can be found on the City’s website at

The last day for the public to provide comments is Monday, November 5.

From this input staff will make recommendations to Council. A public meeting will be scheduled in the new year to discuss the recommendations.