Province Supports Mandatory Speed Limiters

Speed Limiters Enhance
Road Safety

Queen's Park, July 3 /CNW/ - Making speed limiters on trucks mandatory is part of Ontario's plan to improve road safety, Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield said today.

"Ontario is a leader in road safety, and this government is always looking for ways to make our highways safer," Cansfield said. "Ontario is proposing to regulate speed limiters at 105 kilometres per hour. Regulating the use of speed limiters for large commercial trucks may help prevent serious collisions."

A speed limiter is a built-in microchip that enables a truck engine's top speed to be preset. All trucks built in the last decade come equipped with this technology.

Slowing rigs down on provincial highways and keeping traffic moving at a safe speed will help make Ontario's highways safer for everybody. Mandatory speed limiters could also reduce overall annual greenhouse gas emissions released from heavy-duty trucks and save a typical tractor-trailer 10,500 litres of diesel fuel annually.

Ontario Trucking Association president, David Bradley, says, "This is a great step forward for highway safety and for the environment."

"Even though truck drivers are on the whole the least likely to be excessively speeding, the means exist through activation of speed limiters to virtually eliminate it and to improve lane discipline at the same time," he said.

Mandating speed limiters would build on legislation passed this spring, which targets dangerous and reckless driving with tough penalties for those convicted of drinking and driving and street racing offences.

"The McGuinty government is delivering on its commitment to keep communities and families safe. We plan to work with industry and safety experts to bring this forward in a timely and effective manner," added Cansfield.