Toronto - Toronto Culture and the Toronto Legacy Project Committee will dedicate part of the square behind Metro Hall and King and John Street, currently named Metro Square, in honour of the legendary Canadian musician Glenn Gould.

Date: Tuesday, September 25
Time: Noon
Location: Metro Square (east of Metro Hall, corner of King St. W. and John St.)

Metro Square was chosen due to its location in the heart of the entertainment district and its proximity to CBC’s Glenn Gould Studios and Roy Thomson Hall. Gould had a long standing relationship with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and also with the CBC, which played a role in his use of media technologies to communicate his music and ideas.

September 25 is the 75th anniversary of Glenn Gould’s birth. In honour of the anniversary, the Glenn Gould Foundation will launch a year of events to commemorate, celebrate and explore the genius and far-reaching influence of Glenn Gould, including a brief concert by musicians from the Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music following the naming of Glenn Gould Place. For more information about the year of celebration, please visit

The City of Toronto’s Culture Division works with the Toronto Legacy Project to commemorate outstanding creative individuals from Toronto’s history by naming a variety of urban sites or locations in their honour. The Toronto Legacy Project was initiated by the city’s first Poet Laureate, Dennis Lee.