Toronto - City of Toronto staff will be joined by Toronto Police in an effort to reduce the number of vehicles left idling during a five-day blitz that started yesterday and ends Friday, September 21.

Bylaw officers will patrol locations across Toronto to enforce the City’s anti-idling bylaw. Under the bylaw, vehicles left idling for more than three minutes in a 60-minute period are subject to a fine of $100 plus a $25 provincial surcharge.

“Avoiding unnecessary idling is something that all of us can do, which will have a positive impact on climate change,” said Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of the City’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. “As residents of Toronto, we need to do everything we can to reduce the level of smog in our city that contributes to poor air quality. Studies have shown a direct link between contaminants from vehicle emissions and significant health effects. In Toronto, it is estimated that 1,700 people die earlier than expected each year and 6,000 hospital visits are linked to heart or lung diseases.”

The City is encouraging drivers to reduce their vehicle idling even further by reducing warm-up idling (just turn on the engine and go) and by turning off the engine when stopping for more than 10 seconds, except in traffic.

Restricting vehicles left idling is part of Toronto’s overall strategy to reduce pollution-causing practices. The City is working with community partners such as the Clean Air Partnership to promote an idle-free Toronto.