Toronto - Provincial candidates will be permitted to erect election signs across the city of Toronto starting Monday, September 10, the day the writ of the election is issued.

Any candidate wishing to put up election signs on public streets and boulevards must pay a $250 sign deposit. Signs placed on public streets must also be in accordance with the election sign bylaw. Any signs placed on City streets without a deposit, or signs that are placed in unlawful locations will be removed. Signs placed on private property do not require a sign deposit but must comply with the requirements for signs on private property contained in the bylaw.

Signs that pose a risk to the health and safety of pedestrians or motorists will be removed immediately. The City of Toronto is not required to give notice prior to the removal of an unlawful election sign.

Twenty-five dollars for every unlawful sign removed by City staff will be totalled for payment within 30 days of payment notice, or deducted from the deposit. Once the deposit is depleted, the candidate must pay a further $250 deposit, plus any outstanding amounts owing (at $25 per sign), also within 30 days of payment notice. Additionally, all election signs must be removed within three days of voting day.

Signs may not be illuminated, attached to trees, or erected on City property.

No person shall deface or wilfully cause damage to a lawfully erected election sign. No person shall display the City’s logo, in whole or in part, on an election sign.

For further information about the election sign bylaw or to report an infraction, please contact Municipal Licensing and Standards at 416-395-7010, by fax at 416-392-9826 or by e-mail at