14 Division
Broadcast time: 14:34
Tuesday, August 7, 2007
14 Division

Toronto - In response to community concerns, 14 Division launched, and just completed, Project BLT, which centred on the area bounded by Dupont Street on the north, College Street on the south, Lansdowne Avenue on the west and Dufferin Street on the east.

The project focused on illegal drugs, break−and−enters, problem bars and prostitution.

As a result of two weeks of intensive activity by 14 Division, along with the Mounted Unit, Traffic Services, Drug Squad, TAVIS, COR, ETF, Parking Control, Auxiliary Police as well as special constables from the TTC and inspectors from Toronto Licensing, the following enforcement activity took place:

• 103 drug−related charges,

• 44 prostitution charges,

• 257 Highway Traffic Act and By−law Offences,

• 20 Liquor Licence Act Offences.

Reported crime decreased by 41% over the previous two weeks. Arrests increased by 79% over the previous two weeks. Break−and−enters and theft from autos also showed a marked reduction during Project BLT.

Prostitution was a particular problem, with complaints of “johns," including construction workers on the way to work, engaging prostitutes for sex during the morning and evening rush hours.

As a result, plainclothes officers arrested a number of prostitutes one day during afternoon rush hour, only to find many of the same women back at work, at the same location, for morning rush hour the next day. In those instances, police were able to have boundary conditions imposed as a condition of their release that banned the prostitutes from the area.

For further information, please contact Detective Roy Sorgo at 416−808−1438.