Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - 4:36 PM
Traffic Services

Toronto - On Monday, July 16, 2007, the Toronto Police Service, in partnership with the TTC, launched project "TTC - Take Time to Check ". This one-week campaign focused enforcement and awareness efforts on road safety issues involving transit vehicles.

Although this campaign directed special attention to transit-related road safety concerns, all road users are reminded that the Toronto Police Service continues to monitor and enforce laws governing transit safety issues throughout the year.

During this initiative, officers issued a total of 2,790 tickets including:

• 1,220 for motorists driving in HOV lanes (high occupancy vehicle lanes) during prohibited times,

• 809 for motorists making prohibited turns that interfered with transit vehicles,

• 73 for motorists failing to yield to buses re-entering roadways from bus bays,

• 97 for passing streetcars while the doors were open,

• 89 for motorists failing to clear intersections (gridlock), and

• 773 parking infraction notices were issued for offences relating to the No Stopping, No Standing, and No Parking, Standing in TTC routes.

For further information on “TTC - Take Time to Check”, please contact Acting Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Redden at 416-808-1900.